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Increase performance and reduce bandwidth expense of your VoIP Termination by 80% with MangoSync SBO VPN

Best Bandwidth Optimization

MangoSync SBO VPN is the most powerful Bandwidth Optimization solution for VoIP Termination businesses. It has all the features to reduce bandwidth usage, improve performance and secure the network. Redesigned in V6.0, MangoSync SBO VPN Now made it possible to use multiple internet connection and use them seamlessly as one connection.

Use multiple internet connection

Stack Bandwidth of Multiple Monnection to Use as One

MangoSync SBO brings its Multipath module in V6.0 which can stack bandwidth of multiple internet connections and use seamlessly as a single connection. And most amazingly, it can bond any kind of internet connections together i.e. ADSL through LAN port, GPRS / EDGE / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi / Wi-Max through USB, and it can do that for any number of connection a server can take.


Reduce VOIP Bandwidth Usage

If we look deeply at a SIP communication structure, there are mainly two part, one is payload/media and another is RTP header and some other info/headers. For a SIP call with G.729 it consumes more than 30 Kbps. But payload size is only 8 Kbps. Rest of the bandwidth is consumed by RTP and other headers. SYNC Technology replace the RTP and other headers completely and additional transmission overhead with the payload size. So, SBO can transmit SIP with G.729 protocol Only 8 Kbps.