MangoSync SIM Saver The most innovative way to Extend SIM life

One of the most common ways mobile operators block your gateway SIM cards is by placing "test calls" also known as "ghost calls" or "trace calls" through your VOIP/GSM route. When they place calls and the CLI doesn't match, they know your SIM is in a SIMBOX and they block your SIM.

Our Anti Sim Block Module detect those damaging "test calls" and we block them from entering your GSM routes, so the mobile operators can't see your SIM cards operating. We use advanced CDR analysis algorithms, we look at call diversity, call integrity, call durations, origination points, termination points, callout frequency, numbering plan anomalies, HLR registration status, and more. Each of these datapoints help us identify "test calls" and we block them automatically for you.

Why SIM Saver?
  • Blacklists and whitelists of phone numbers/ Caller IDs to protect from the Operator’s calls
  • Maintaining Call Gaps between calls to simulate HB
  • Monitoring number/Caller ID length pattern while receiving calls
  • Building the list of preferred numbers for each SIM
  • Extending SIM lifetime with dual(Callee+Caller) filtering technology
  • Optimizing Bandwidth Efficiently
Supported Solution
  • MangoSync SBO PC based Solution
  • MangoSync SBO Raspberry Pi Solution
  • Also Supports with any other Bandwidth Optimizer Solution
  • Can send calls directly to Gateways (Goip, Dinstar, Skyline, ejoin, Addpac , Teles , ETS , Hypermedia ) with Public/ Real IP and any specific port
  • Can send calls directly to any other server/ switch with Public/ Real IP as per necessity.